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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cppdb::atomic_counterAtomic counter is a class that allows perform counting in thread safe way
cppdb::bad_value_castInvalid data conversions
cppdb::backend::connectionThis class represents connection to database
cppdb::connection_infoClass that represents parsed connection string
cppdb::connection_specific_dataSpecial abstract object that holds a connection specific data
cppdb::connections_managerThis class is the major gateway to new connections
cppdb::cppdb_errorThis is the base error of all errors thrown by cppdb
cppdb::backend::driverThis class represents a driver that creates connections for given connection string, custom drivers can be are installed using this class
cppdb::driver_managerThis class is used to handle all drivers, loading them, unloading them etc
cppdb::empty_row_accessAttempt to fetch a value from the row without calling next() first time or when next() returned false
cppdb::mutex::guardScoped guard for mutex
cppdb::invalid_columnTrying to fetch a value using invalid column index
cppdb::invalid_placeholderTrying to fetch a value using invalid placeholder
cppdb::backend::loadable_driverThis class represents a driver that can be unloaded from the driver_manager
cppdb::multiple_rows_queryTrying to fetch a single row for a query that returned multiple ones
cppdb::mutexMutex class, used internally
cppdb::not_supported_by_backendThis operation is not supported by the backend
cppdb::null_value_fetchAttempt to fetch a null value
cppdb::poolConnections pool, allows to handle multiple connections for specific connection string
cppdb::ref_countedThis is a class that implements reference counting and designed to be used with ref_ptr
cppdb::ref_ptr< T >This is a smart intrusive reference counting pointer that throws a error on empty access
cppdb::backend::resultThis class represents query result
cppdb::resultThis object represents query result
cppdb::sessionSQL session object that represents a single connection and is the gateway to SQL database
cppdb::shared_objectThis class allows to load and unload shared objects in simple and exception safe way
cppdb::backend::statementThis class represents a statement that can be either executed or queried for result
cppdb::statementThis class represents a prepared (or ordinary) statement that can be executed
cppdb::backend::static_driverCreate a static driver using connection function (usable for statically linking drivers)
cppdb::transactionThe transaction guard
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