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Difference "Repositories" ver. 6 versus ver. 7


## Official Repositories
The following Repositories are maintained by
the CppCMS developers
### Apt-Get Repositories
There are apt-get repositories for Debian and Ubuntu distributions.
- Distributions: oneiric, squeezy
- Ubuntu distributions: oneiric, precise
- Debian distributions: squeezy
- Architectures: i386, amd64
- Packages: libcppcms1, libcppcms-dev, cppcms-tools
- Sources: cppcms
For Ubuntu:
deb oneiric main
deb-src oneiric main
deb precise main
deb-src precise main
For Debian
deb squeezy main
deb-src squeezy main
If you are using other versions you can install any
of the two source repositories above and create your
own packages easily:
apt-get source cppcms
apt-get build-dep cppcms
cd cppcms-X.Y.Z
### RPM Repositories
The packages are build using Open Build Service:
- Distributions: Fedora 15 and 16, Centos 6, Open Suse 11.4 and 12.1
- Distributions: Fedora 16 and 17, Centos 6, Open Suse 11.4 and 12.1
- Architectures: x86, x86\_64
- Packages: libcppcms, libcppcms-devel, cppcms-tools
- Sources: cppcms
In order to configure the repository, download the `home:artyom-beilis.repo` file from the directory that
fits your distribution and put it under `/etc/yum.repos.d/` as `cppcms.repo`.
Then run
yum install libcppcms-devel
## Unofficial Repositories
These repositories are created by different contributors
that are not part of the CppCMS project. The build may
differ from the official CppCMS policy
### Gentoo
CppCMS is available in the sunrise overlay.
Installation (first add the sunrise overlay <>):
emerge -uNDv dev-cpp/cppcms


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