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Difference "How to Contribute to CppCMS Project" ver. 7 versus ver. 8


## Support CppCMS
> I like this project, I want to make
> [the world greener](/wikipp/en/page/rationale)
> How can I help?
### Basic Help
First of all CppCMS project would be glad to receive any help, there is a lot of work to do and any help would be appropriate.
I would strongly recommend you to join [cppcms-users]( mailing list, this would help CppCMS community to communicate with each other, allow you to get latest updates and see the recent developments.
I would strongly recommend you join the [cppcms-users]( mailing list. This allows the CppCMS community to communicate with each other, and allows you to get the latest updates and see the recent developments.
The most basic and most important help you can provide: work with CppCMS, build applications, find issues and _report them_. This is very important to receive inputs from community to be able to create high quality framework.
There are many other areas you can help that are not directly
related to coding: translate software and documentation, provide examples etc.
### Donations
CppCMS project received donations via SourceForge's donation
If you are willing to donate, follow this link:
Financial support would help project developers
to spend more time on the project and create a better
### Promotion
Are you using CppCMS?
Spread this around the world, let the world know
about you, add yourself to [who uses CppCMS](/wikipp/en/page/who_uses) page.
### Contributing the code
If you decided to contribute the code first thing I would
recommend to read is coding standards document. This would
help you to understand what can be done and what cannot.
- [CppCMS Coding Standards](/wikipp/en/page/cppcms_1x_coding_standards)
Please do not forget [this section](/wikipp/en/page/cppcms_1x_coding_standards#Copyrights) about copyrights policy.
Next step, write patches and send them to me, I would review them and if everything ok I would integrate them
to the CppCMS source tree.
If you want to become a project member, send me some some
information about yourself, open SourceForge account and after several significant patches I would be glad to provide you write SVN access.
In any case, feel free to write me over CppCMS mailing list or directly to _artyomtnk_ **AT** _yahoo_ **DOT** _com_.


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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