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Difference "CppCMS 0.0.x — Old Stable" ver. 2 versus ver. 3


The stable branch is stable in two terms:
- It is stable and working version of CppCMS.
- It is not receiving updates other then bug fixes.
This version would be deprecated as soon as CppCMS 1.0.0
is going to be released. You are most likely want to use an upcoming version [CppCMS 1.x.x](/wikipp/en/page/cppcms_1x).
This version is deprecated. Please [CppCMS 1.x.x](/wikipp/en/page/cppcms_1x) branch.
## General
- [Features](/wikipp/en/page/concept)
- [Supported Platforms](/wikipp/en/page/supported_platforms)
- [Releases](/wikipp/en/page/releases)
## Tutorials
- [Concepts](/wikipp/en/page/tut_concept)
- [Hello World](/wikipp/en/page/tut_hello_world)
- [Hello World, Templates](/wikipp/en/page/tut_hw_templates)
- [Add Localization and nice URLS](/wikipp/en/page/tut_l10n_urls)
- [Start With Forms](/wikipp/en/page/tut_forms)
- [Starting with Sessions](/wikipp/en/page/tut_sessions)
- [Basic Caching](/wikipp/en/page/tut_basic_caching)
## Reference
- [Major CppCMS Classes](/wikipp/en/page/ref_cppcms_classes)
- [Templates System](/wikipp/en/page/ref_templates)
- [CppCMS Configurations](/wikipp/en/page/ref_config)
- [CppCMS Utilities](/wikipp/en/page/ref_utils)
- [CppCMS Embedded](/wikipp/en/page/ref_embedded)
## Installation
- [CppCMS Framework](/wikipp/en/page/install_framework)
## Developers Documentation
- [Coding Standards](/wikipp/en/page/coding_standard)


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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