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CppCMS 1.x.x Build Troubleshooting

Missing dependencies

At the cmake .. stage, the presence of all the dependencies (listed in the requirements section of the build page) will be checked.

It can sometimes be difficult for a beginner to figure out what packages must be installed to fulfil those requirements. You can help by listing here the known package name for different platforms.

Linux Debian and Ubuntu and derivatives

You may get all you need by running as root

apt-get install build-essential libpcre3-dev libicu-dev libgcrypt11-dev zlib1g-dev cmake

Note, CppCMS 0.0.x Debian dependencies are very different from CppCMS 1.x.x serices, don't use them.

Lots of tests fails

Something like this:

     8 - form_test (Failed)
     9 - cookie_test (Failed)
    10 - internal_forwarder_test (Failed)
    11 - forwarder_test (Failed)
    12 - jsonrpc_test (Failed)
    13 - proto_test_async_http (Failed)
    14 - proto_test_async_scgi (Failed)
    16 - proto_test_sync_http (Failed)
    17 - proto_test_sync_scgi (Failed)
    34 - test_aio_socket (Failed)
    35 - test_aio_endpoint (Failed)
    36 - test_aio_prefork (Failed)

Make sure you have no applications using 8080 and 8081 ports. If you are not sure which applications run on those ports, find its process id thus:

# fuser -n tcp 8080

In reply, you'll get something like this:

8080/tcp: 3171

Then find out which application has the process id 3171 thus:

ps -ef | grep 3171

Simply turn off or terminate the application.

Almost every test fails, and I use Windows

Make sure that you setup PATH environment variable correctly, it should point to currentbuild\booster directory and to directories where 3rd part library placed.

Provide a complete bug report

If you have make errors that are not addressed above, please provide a full report which should include the following information:

My sample application does not find the shared object when I try to run it.

By default CppCMS is installed into /usr/local location and the library is got installed into /usr/local/lib/, however under some operating systems like Linux, /usr/local/lib is not the path to search libraries in.

So you may want to do one of the following in order to use library correctly afterwards:

Also make sure you read man ldconfig under Linux carefully.

The iconv library is not found on Mac OS X

It is a common issue. It is usually by have multiple installation of libiconv - one GNU's one (ports) and another that comes with Mac OS X - it is shipped from 10.5

If you search search for iconv.h and libiconv.* and you are likely to find multiple instances. What happens that the header and the library that are detected are incompatible and link fails - thus the library is not found.

You need to either remove port's iconv or pass proper -DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH options that would point to correct location of the iconv library

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