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CppCMS Roadmap

HTTP Server improvements - most required/urgent

Add Support of multiple event loops

Today, asynchronous applications do not scale well on multi-core systems.

Add required support of multiple event loops so different asynchronous applications would be able to use them.


What about making OpenAPI services with CppCMS?..

HTTP Server improvements

Cache Improvements


When an entry is invalidated many requests may try to generate it and create significant load.

Solution, delay "fetch" if some other fetching.

Active Invalidation

Distributed Cache system implements L1/L2 cache allowing a cache client to check if the data is has is still up-to-date without reading it back.

However each access to cache still require TCP-ping-pong.

So instead active cache invalidation may be done: when trigger is risen or new data is stored a sort of a message that causes all clients to drop invalid cache is broad-casted.

Need to be implemented.

Object invalidation

Use cache to invalidate general object

Enable O(1) invalidation and lazy collection

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CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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