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Whats New in CppCMS 1.x.x?

Many features were introduced:

  1. CppCMS Core:

    • Introduction of backward compatible API and ABI between releases.

    • Dependencies cleanup thus the only dependencies are very basic libraries available on every system

    • Introduction of Booster - ABI stable Boost replacement.

    • Native support of Microsoft Windows platform was provided including the support of MinGW and MSVC toolsets.

  2. Ajax Support:

    • Introduction of synchronous and asynchronous JSON-RPC services that allow easier integration between server side and client side Ajax applications.
  3. Comet Support:

    • Support of asynchronous/event-driven programming was introduced to CppCMS.

    • Support of scalable Push technology.

      Asynchronous applications are now capable of management multiple request in single instance simultaneously in scalable and efficient way and push data to client side.

  4. Improved Support of i18n and l10n:

    • Powerful localization using ICU library is integrated into standard C++ interface of std::locale facets.

      This support is build with Boost.Locale library proposed for Boost.

    • Optional localization based on standard library for embedded applications where ICU may be not feasible.

  5. Scalability:

    • Two levels cache system was introduced.

      When using distributed cache system, application caches locally most frequently used pages significantly reducing latency and traffic between cache servers and cache clients.

  6. Development and Debugging

    • Internal HTTP web server for development and debugging was provided.

    • Support of dynamic view reloading without application restart was introduced.

These changes will significantly break API backward compatibility with CppCMS 0.0.x series, but these changes are absolutely necessary to provide these features.

Also it would be possible to adopt the code almost "mechanically" to the new API.

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