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Difference "CppCMS versioning scheme" ver. 3 versus ver. 4


CppCMS uses a versioning scheme with 3 significant digits: [**Major**].[**Minor**].[**Patch**]
The naming convention is the same convention used by Gnome and by GLib. It is very suitable for libraries as it is clear what kind of dependency required and what library is backward compatible with other and at what level.
**Major** - defines API and ABI compatibility it expected to be 1 for a long time. The release of CppCMS 2.0.0 would mean a major API changes compared to 1.x.x, but such a release is not planned at this point.
**Minor** - Releases that adds new features and functionality such that:
- All that works with 1.0 would work with 1.2 but not other way around.
- Even numbers would mark stable releases 1.0, 1.2, 1.4
- Odd numbers would mark development releases 1.1, 1.3 that would become on stable release +1 1.1 -> 1.2 and 1.3->1.4 upon release.
**Patch** - bug fix release that do not change any API.
The 0.99.X and 0.999.X version scheme is a beta-X and RC-X pre-release scheme - i.e. pre 1.0.0. version.
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