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CppBlog - CppCMS Powered Blog Engine

CppBlog is a high performance blog engine based on CppCMS technology


Before you install CppBlog you need to install

Optionally if you want to embed LaTeX formulas you may need latex and dvigif programs in runtime.

Installation of CppBlog

Download cppblog-X.Y.Z.tar.bz2 and extract it:

tar -xjvf cppblog-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
cd cppblog-X.Y.Z

If you are using trunk version:

svn co cppblog
cd cppblog

and then create a build directory

mkdir build

Configure the cppblog build system

cmake ..

Or of you want to install to ordinary /usr path instead of /usr/local


Then run


And as super user

make install

Configuration of the blog

I assume that you had installed the blog to /usr/local directory (default for configure script). Otherwise, you should update absolute paths given in this documentation


You can find DB configuration scripts under /usr/local/share/cppblog/sql directory, use them to create a database

CppBlog configuration

Take a sample configuration file placed under /usr/local/share/cppblog/sample_config.js create a copy and edit it.

  1. First create your new, unique private key for session management. Run

     cppcms_make_key --hmac sha1 

    Update the private keys in the configuration file.


  2. Configure connection string under blog.connection_string. Don't forget to define @pool_size connection string property to enable connection pooling.

    Refer to CppDB manual for exact options.

  3. Configure your web server according this manual.

    Note, the cppblog media files installed into /usr/local/share/cppblog/media. Make sure that you have configured valid alias to this location and the has correct value assigned according to the location of the files relatively the the web servers document root.

  4. Make sure that localization.messages.messages and views.paths points to correct path:

    Locale dictionaries:

     "localization" : {
       "messages" : {
          "messages" : [ "/usr/local/share/locale"]

    Views path:

     "views" : {
        "paths" : [ "/usr/local/lib/cppblog" ],
  5. Make sure you set the correct value for configuration option. It is important for correct RSS generation.


You can select one of the two views "orangesky" or "contended". You can select it by setting views.default_skin option.

The blog language can be selected by setting required value for localization.locales option.

First Run

Once you had setup the blog of first access you will be asked to create a user and setup a password, once you configured them, login


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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