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Difference "Installation of DbiXX" ver. 1 versus ver. 2


## Requirements
You need to have [`libdbi`](
library version 8.0 and above installed. You also need one of its drivers: [`libdbi-drivers`](
You also need reasonable C++ compiler supported by autotools, for example gcc.
You can find list of packages for Debian and Ubuntu [there](/wikipp/en/page/install_debain_deps).
## Normal Build
- Download `dbixx-X.Y.Z.tar.gz` source.
- Extract it: `tar -xvzf dbixx-X.Y.Z.tar.gz`
- Go to created directory: `cd dbixx-X.Y.Z`
- Run:
- Then run as administrator:
make install
## Build from SVN
- First checkout trunk version of dbixx:
svn co dbixx
- Go to `dbixx` directory and run:
- And finally, as administrator
make install


## Related
- [Tutorial](/wikipp/en/page/tut_into_dbixx)
- [Full DbiXX Reference](/wikipp/en/page/ref_dbixx)
- [Packages for Debian and Ubuntu](/wikipp/en/page/install_debain_deps)
## External
- [LibDBI Documentation](
- [LibDBI Drivers Reference](


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