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Difference "WikiPP: High Performance Wiki Engine" ver. 2 versus ver. 3


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Installation of WikiPPWikiPP: High Performance Wiki Engine


Wikipp is a high performance wiki engine based on CppCMS technology
## Requirements
Before you install WikiPP you need to install
- [CppCMS Framework](/wikipp/en/page/install_framework)
- [DbiXX Library](/wikipp/en/page/install_dbixx)
- [Syntax Highligher]( --- recommended but not mandatory.
## Installation of WikiPP
Download wikipp-X.Y.Z.tar.gz and extract it:
tar -xzf wikipp-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
cd wikipp-X.Y.Z
If you are using trunk version:
svn co wikipp
and then create configuration scripts:
cd wikipp
Then run
And as super user
make install
## Configuration of Wiki
I assume that you had installed wikipp to /usr/local directory (default for configure script). Otherwise, you should update absolute paths given in this documentation
### Database
- If you use MySQL (recommended):
First of all, create database, let's call it "wikipp".
create database wikipp;
Then create all required tables running:
mysql -u username --password=secret wikipp </usr/local/share/wikipp/mysql.sql
- If you use Sqlite3
Create database, and make it accessible to process that would run wikipp:
sqlite3 /var/wikipp/wikipp.db </usr/local/share/wikipp/sqlite3.sql
Make sure that /var/wikipp/wikipp.db is writable by the web server.
### WikiPP configuration
First create your new, unique private key for session management. Run
Edit /usr/local/etc/wikipp/config.txt and update `session.cookies_key` with value you get.
Let's assume you want your application to run at "/wiki" url and put all media (static) files at "/media". Also, let's assume that your WWW server document root is /var/www/html
So, let's create our media directory:
mkdir /var/www/html/media
cp /usr/local/share/wikipp/style*.css /var/www/html/media
Now let's edit our WikiPP configuration file and set:
wikipp.script = "/wiki" = "/media"
If you have Syntax Highlighter installed, for example in /var/www/html/shared/sh
Then edit line:
wikipp.syntax_highlighter = "/shared/sh"
Otherwise **comment** this line to disable it.
# wikipp.syntax_highlighter="/templates/sh"
We would configure our application to be started by
the web server thus -- comment out `server.socket` line --- web server provides it for you.
Edit `dbixx.driver` and select appropriate database: "sqlite3" or "mysql"
Configure database parameters like: username and password for MySQL or sqlite3.sqlite3_dbdir to the directory where the database file is located.
Make sure that `locale.dir` and `templates.dirs` points to correct path:
templates.dirs = { "/usr/local/lib/wikipp" }
## Web Server Configuration
### Lighttpd
Edit you lighttpd configuration:
Enable fastcgi
server.modules += ( "mod_fastcgi" )
Now let's configure our wiki application:
fastcgi.server = (
"/wiki" =>
"bin-path" => "/usr/local/sbin/wikipp -c /usr/local/etc/wikipp/config.txt",
"socket" => "/tmp/wikipp.socket",
"max-procs" => 1,
"check-local" => "disable"
Short description:
1. "/wiki" is the location of our web service
2. "bin-path" shows the application that should be started.
3. "max-procs" -- very important -- always set to 1, unless you use distributed cache system.
4. "check-local" -- disable checking if actual file exists in the specific document root. It is applicable for PHP scripts not our FastCGI application.
### Testing
Now restart you web server and go to "" and start working


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