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Difference "Rationale Behind CppCMS" ver. 5 versus ver. 6


One of the most frequently asked questions about this project is **"Why?"**
There are many reasons, The first one and the most important is:
If you build your personal blog, create small or even medium community or building a web site for a small company --- CppCMS is not for you. Take any of existing and good CMS like [Drupal]( or develop with great [Django]( framework, you'll be fine.
However, when the loads become more then average, the process of scale-up using existing web frameworks may be painful:
1. Low performance of dynamic or JIT languages enforces you to increase the size of your server farm quite early.
1. Low performance of dynamic or JIT languages enforces you to add more servers even on quite small loads.
2. The caching becomes more complicated and less efficient because the system becomes distributed and does not scale-up linearly.
3. Creation of such system requires skilled stuff and costs even more.
CppCMS allows you to increase the performance of typical system [by an order of magnitude](/wikipp/en/page/benchmarks) and thus:
1. Lower down the point of mandatory scale-up.
2. Make scale-up easier and cheaper by reducing the size of the server farm and lowering costs of stuff that supports it.
1. Remove requirement of maintaining a server farm where few servers or even single one would solve the load problems.
2. Reduce maintenance costs and power consumption.
**Make world greener and better place**
By reducing the number of servers running your applications
you actually reduce the pollution of CO2 to the air and
make your software less energy consuming and thus _greener_.
Don't you believe? Read [this article]( about Facebook's server farm.
**What about development costs?**
That is the major point of CppCMS. It makes the development fast easy and allows programmer to deal with an application logic rather then all unrelated things.
Today, the major problem of web application development in C++, is lack of suitable tools. CppCMS solves it and gives you tools that any other web framework gives you.


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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