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This class is used to access global configuration of cppcms application that is loaded from configuration file.


Include header is

#include <cppcms/global_config.h>

Public types

typedef std::map<string,boost::any> data_t;
typedef std::pair<data_t::const_iterator,data_t::const_iterator> range_t;

The data is stored in std::map of string to boost::any, You can use these typedefs to access this data.

Public members

void load(char const *filename);

Loads configuration from file filename

void load(int argc,char *argv[],char const *def=NULL);

Parses command line and tries to load configuration file given with -c switch. If not found and def not null tries to loads from file which filename defined in def.

int ival(string m) const 
int ival(string m,int def) const 
double dval(string m) const 
double dval(string m,double def) const 
string const &sval(string m) const 
string sval(string m,string def) const 

Load integer, double or string values of configuration using key m. One parameter throws cppcms_error if no such parameter defined, the second, returns def value as default.

vector<int> const &ilist(string m) const 
vector<double> const &dlist(string m) const 
vector<string> const &slist(string m) const 

Return list using m as key. If key not found, empty list is returned.

For example:

string name=conf.sval("","nobody");

Access to range of values can be done using:

range_t prefix(string pref) const

Returns pair of iterators on all entries that have prefix pref.

You can also access directly to the data using:

data_t const &get_data() const


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