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Supported Platforms and Compilers


CppCMS aims to be compatible with any reasonably modern POSIX compatible OS and be build with any reasonable modern compiler, including embedded platforms.

Compilers Support

The code is build and tested under following compilers:

Operating System Support

CppCMS runs on Linux 2.6, FreeBSD, Open Solaris and Windows/Cygwin.

Any other reasonably modern UNIX like system should be supported as well.

Tested platforms:

Native Windows Support

Current (0.0.x) CppCMS version supports Windows only via Cygwin POSIX compatibility layer.

The upcoming CppCMS 1.x would full support Windows using both MinGW toolchain and MSVC compilers.

  1. These platforms lacks of POSIX process shared mutex support. Thus:

    • Prefork cache module uses fcntl for serialization that may hurt the performance.
    • Prefork compatibility mode of files bases session storage is disabled (nfs may be used).


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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