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Thread Safety

Rule of Thumb

All classes are not thread safe for access from multiple threads simultaneously unless it is stated explicitly otherwise.

In general there are several thread safe classes in the CppCMS that their member functions can be accessed simultaneously from several threads:

In all other cases special measures should be taken in order to prevent accessing same class from multiple threads.

Threads in CppCMS

There are several types of threads in CppCMS:

Cross Thread Interactions

Once the CppCMS service started all synchronous applications are executed in the thread pool.

If CppCMS synchronous application wants to perform some operation withing event loop, for example, interact with some asynchronous application by sending some data or by transferring its HTTP context to it, it should do it using cppcms::service::post() member function and an appropriate execution handler.

This handler would be dispatched to the event loop queue and executed in its thread.

If asynchronous application or any other object that runs in the event wants to execute some long running, blocking or heavy operation, it may do it by submitting an execution handler to the thread pool.

Note, once the job is complete, the handler should notify its completion by posting some handler to the event loop, the same way as described above.

Different applications should never access their internal states directly as it is not safe.

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