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How CppCMS Works?

Developer creates one or several application classes derived from cppcms::application that includes all business logic. It maps different application URLs to different classes or member functions that perform required operations.

He writes web templates that include all the HTML/XML content of the application. They are usually compiled to shared objects that are loaded on demand.

When CppCMS application starts, it creates a pool of threads or processes, each of them running an instance of the set of developer's application classes. It loads all templates, and starts receiving requests from the web server.

After receiving a request, it is usually mapped to one of the member function of the given classes that responsible on it.

It than checks if the page is cached. If it is not, the application uses database or cache to fetch the data required to create a content for the web page and renders it using templates system.

The output is returned to user and probably cached for further use.


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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