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Difference "When CppCMS Should Be Used." ver. 1 versus ver. 2


C++ language is far from being popular for Web development
for many reasons: lack of appropriate tools, skills of
developers and many more.
However, there are areas where C++ web programming with
CppCMS becomes very useful and efficient, and some where it
is just a waist of time.
is just a waste of time.
## When CppCMS should or can be used?
1. High load web sites and application with hundreds and thousands hits per second, where high performance, efficiency and scalability is required.
2. Application that require scalable Comet/Server Push<sup>[1](#note1)</sup> technologies --- CppCMS can efficiently handle hundreds and thousands simultaneous HTTP connection with minimal resources usage.
3. Embedding web interface<sup>[2](#note2)</sup> into existing C++ applications/services with a small cost of additional library.
4. Embedded underpowered devices -- CppCMS allows creation of rich applications with relatively low cost of hardware that would perform reasonably fast.
## When Not To Use?
If you creare small web applications that do not require high loads and require very short time-to-market period -- probably tools like Django or RoR would be more
appropriate for such tasks.
1. <span id="note1"></span>Available in upcoming CppCMS 1.x.
2. <span id="note2"></span>Current version of CppCMS (0.0.x) can be used for embedding web interface to existing applications, but the next version 1.x would support it much better.


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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