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Difference "Who Uses CppCMS" ver. 44 versus ver. 45


## CppCMS Uses:
### Publicly Available Web Services
- [Dhiti]( - Dhiti is a content discovery engine, that helps improve user engagement for the web's publishers. Dhiti uses CPPCMS to serve basic templates on HTML, and mostly JSON responses for pages rendered by Ajax. We chose cppcms since we wanted high performance on a C++ based real time discovery engine. We've been happy with cppcms and look forward to its evolution as a great development framework.
- []( - Torrent tracker, 3 million visits, 5 000 online users. Right now only chat. But we have more ideas in future.
- [Lifeix (立方网)]( - XBox - a lottery system (a restful web service based on CppCMS and CppDB).
- [Page2RSS]( - Page2RSS is a service, that monitors web pages and publishes updates as RSS feeds. Page2RSS uses CppCMS to serve all dynamic content - HTML pages, RSS feeds, API calls.
- []( - Image sharing service (updated) with 1GB RAM.
- [Tatoeba]( - a free online database of example sentences geared towards foreign language learners. The [next version]( that uses CppCMS is under active development.
- []( and CppCMS author's blogs ([English](, [Hebrew]( run on CppCMS technology.
- [FYB-SG]( - A Bitcoin Exchange based in Singapore. Running entirely(including bitcoind, web server) on 1 server with 1GB RAM.
- Two CppCMS applications are running on this same second level domain:
* [Taiwan Bitcoin Exchange](
* [Thin client ERP Systems](
- **Name** - short description [, average load hits/day ]
### Embedded Applications
- **IHMAN** - Our company is using CppCMS to implement JSON RESTful Web Services APIs to manage and allow external control on some of our products. The web application runs on an embedded server.
- **Name** - short description
### Others Uses
- **Kitware** - I've been using CppDB for my work at Kitware. I find the library robust and well featured and the interface clean and easy to work with. In short, CppDB provides a valuable service to the C++ database community!
- **Zone Projects** - We are using CppCMS mostly for internal web apps and soon for some public apps, because it proved to be easy and productive to work with the framework.
- **PHS** - CppCMS is being used at Professional Helicopter Services for aircraft maintenance. It powers and internal Web site.
- [MyBee S.A.S.]( - We are using CppCMS for a REST webservice internaly used by all our applications. Coupled with CppDB, this webservice works very fast and well!
- **Name** - short description
## Applications
- [Wiki++](/wikipp/en/page/install_wikipp) — wiki engine powered by CppCMS. **This** wiki runs on wiki++.
- [CppBlog](/wikipp/en/page/install_cppblog) — high performance blog that is written using CppCMS technology.


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

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