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Using Wiki++

How to edit

Simply click on the "Edit" Link at the top of a page. This will bring you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the current page.

How to write content

This wiki uses Markdown lightweight markup language. It allows easy, natural and almost "WYSIWYG" editing. Please refer to Markdown Syntax documentation in order to learn how to use it.

You may train your skills in the Sandbox.

Every article consists of three parts:

  1. Title
  2. The main content of the article
  3. The sidebar content.

First two are mandatory and their meaning is obvious. The third one --- sidebar has special purpose. You put there:

  1. Links to different translations of this page
  2. Other special --- "fast" links related to this article.

Note: Please, do not forget to use "Preview Button".

Creating new article

Any article is created by putting a link to other related article and clicking it. The link consists of language code, for example "en" or "he" and slug --- a sequence of English letters, numbers and underscore "_" symbol. For example:

[Some Page](/wikipp/en/page/some_page)

After you put the link to any page, you may follow it and create new page.

Creating Table of Contents

You may add table of contents to each article automatically by putting <!--toc--> token at the begging of the page.

For example:


# This is my article title



You may register to this wiki via "Login" > "Register as new user".

You should pic a password and pass a very simple "Turing Test". (Just to prevent spam robots registration)

Note: If you loose this password, the system will not be able to send it back to you... It is still too simple :-(


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