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Difference "Using Wiki++" ver. 11 versus ver. 12


[The ShzPlus Project](/wikipp/en/page/shzplus)
## How to edit
You cannot edit wikis because the administrator disabled this option.
Simply click on the "Edit" Link at the top of a page. This will bring you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the current page.
## How to write content
This wiki uses [Markdown]( lightwe
This wiki uses [Markdown]( lightweight markup language. It allows easy, natural and almost "WYSIWYG" editing. Please refer to [Markdown Syntax]( documentation in order to learn how to use it.
You may train your skills in the [Sandbox](/wikipp/en/page/sandbox).
Every article consists of three parts:
1. Title
2. The main content of the article
3. The sidebar content.
First two are mandatory and their meaning is obvious. The third one --- sidebar has special purpose. You put there:
1. Links to different translations of this page
2. Other special --- "fast" links related to this article.
_Note:_ Please, do not forget to use "Preview Button".
## Creating new article
Any article is created by putting a link to other related article and clicking it. The link consists of language code, for example "en" or "he" and slug --- a sequence of English letters, numbers and underscore "`_`" symbol. For example:
[Some Page](/wikipp/en/page/some_page)
After you put the link to any page, you may follow it and create new page.
## Creating Table of Contents
You may add table of contents to each article automatically by putting `<!--toc-->` token at the begging of the page.
For example:
# This is my article title
## Permissions
- Creation of new pages or editing certain pages may be limited to registered users only.
- If you logged in, you may change editing permissions for any page you need and allow or disallow its editing by visitors.
- If you are not logged in and you make changes in any page, your IP will be recorded.
- At this moment, creation of new pages and editing all pages (except to [Sandbox](/wikipp/en/page/sandbox)) is limited to registered users only.
## Registration
You may register to this wiki via "Login" > "[Register as new user](/wikipp/en/register)".
You should pic a password and pass a very simple "[Turing Test](". (Just to prevent spam robots registration)
_Note:_ If you loose this password, the system will not be able to send it back to you... It is still too simple `:-(`


## Related
- [Sandbox](/wikipp/en/page/sandbox)
## Translations
- [Русский](/wikipp/ru/page/wiki_editing)
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- [Русский](/wikipp/ru/page/wiki_editing)


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