cppcms::app Namespace Reference

Flags for application pool management. More...


static const int synchronous = 0x0000
 Synchronous application.
static const int asynchronous = 0x0001
 Asynchronous application that operates in asynchronous mode.
static const int op_mode_mask = 0x000F
 mask to select sync vs async flags
static const int thread_specific = 0x0010
 Make synchronous application thread specific.
static const int prepopulated = 0x0020
 Make sure all applications are created from the beginning (ignored in thread_specific is set)
static const int content_filter = 0x0040

Detailed Description

Flags for application pool management.

New in CppCMS 1.2

Variable Documentation

const int cppcms::app::content_filter = 0x0040

Make this asynchronous application to handle content