Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NboosterBooster library namespace. The library that implements Boost Like API in ABI backward compatible way
 NaioThis namespace povides and API to asynchronous sockets API, asynchronous timer and event loop handing
 Naio_errorThis namespace includes Booster.Aio specific error codes
 NlocaleThis is the main namespace that encloses all localization classes
 NasThis namespace includes all manipulators that can be used on IO streams
 NconvNamespace that contains all functions related to character set conversion
 NflagsThis namespace holds additional formatting flags that can be set using ios_info
 Ngnu_gettextThis namespace holds classes that provide GNU Gettext message catalogs support
 NperiodNamespace that contains various types for manipulation with dates
 NmarksThis namespace holds a enum of various period types like era, year, month, etc.
 Ntime_zoneNamespace that holds functions for operating with global time zone
 NutfNamespace that holds basic operations on UTF encoded sequences
 NutilThis namespace provides various utility function useful for Boost.Locale backends implementations
 NlogThis namespace includes Booster.Log related classes
 NsinksThis namespace includes various output devices (sinks) for logger
 NnowideThis namespace includes implementation of basic STL's / STDLIb's functions such that they accept UTF-8 strings. on Windows. Otherwise it is just an alias of std namespace (i.e. not on Windows)
 Nstack_traceNamespace that holds basic operations for implementing stack trace
 NsystemThis namespace includes partial implementation of std::tr1's/boost's system_error, error_code classes
 NcppcmsThis is the namespace where all CppCMS functionality is placed
 NappFlags for application pool management
 Nb64urlThis namespace provides functions useful for modified Base64 encoding for URL. This encoding does not insert newline characters, do not pad the text with = character and use "_" and "-" instead of "+" and "/" characters reserved by URL format for special purposes
 NcryptoThis namespace holds basic cryptographic utilities useful for save interaction with user
 NencodingThis Namespace holds various function for dealing with encoding
 NfiltersThis namespace various filters that can be used in templates for filtering data
 NhttpThis namespace represent classes that are directly connected to handing HTTP requests and responses
 NjsonThis namespace includes all JSON parsing and formatting related classes and functions
 NpluginPlugin related API
 NrpcThis namespace holds API for implementing various RPC APIs, like JsonRPC
 NsessionsThis namespace keeps various session storage backends
 NutilThis namespace holds various useful helper functions for we developer
 NviewsThis namespace holds all classes used for rendering CppCMS views
 NwidgetsThis namespace includes all the widgets (i.e. parts of HTML forms) supported by cppcms
 NxssNamespace that holds Anti-Cross Site Scripting Filter support