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cppcms::crypto::message_digest Class Referenceabstract

this class provides an API to calculate various cryptographic hash functions More...

#include <cppcms/crypto.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned digest_size () const =0
virtual unsigned block_size () const =0
virtual void append (void const *ptr, size_t size)=0
virtual void readout (void *ptr)=0
virtual message_digestclone () const =0
virtual char const * name () const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static std::auto_ptr< message_digestmd5 ()
static std::auto_ptr< message_digestsha1 ()
static std::auto_ptr< message_digestcreate_by_name (std::string const &name)

Protected Member Functions

 message_digest ()
 It should be implemented in derived classes.

Detailed Description

this class provides an API to calculate various cryptographic hash functions

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cppcms::crypto::message_digest::append ( void const *  ptr,
size_t  size 
pure virtual

Add more data of size bytes for processing

virtual unsigned cppcms::crypto::message_digest::block_size ( ) const
pure virtual

Get processing block size, returns 64 or 128, used mostly for correct HMAC calculations

virtual message_digest* cppcms::crypto::message_digest::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

Make a polymorphic copy of this object, note the state of copied object is reset to initial

static std::auto_ptr<message_digest> cppcms::crypto::message_digest::create_by_name ( std::string const &  name)

Create message digest by name, more then sha1 and md5 may be supported, if CppCMS is compiled with cryptography library like libgcrypt or openssl

virtual unsigned cppcms::crypto::message_digest::digest_size ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the size of message digest, for example for MD5 it is 16, for SHA1 it is 20

static std::auto_ptr<message_digest> cppcms::crypto::message_digest::md5 ( )

Create MD5 message digest

virtual char const* cppcms::crypto::message_digest::name ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the name of the hash function

virtual void cppcms::crypto::message_digest::readout ( void *  ptr)
pure virtual

Read the message digest for the data and reset it into initial state, provided buffer must be digest_size() bytes

static std::auto_ptr<message_digest> cppcms::crypto::message_digest::sha1 ( )

Create SHA1 message digest

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