Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Ccppcms::base_content::app_guardSpecial guard class that allows setting and resetting content's rendeding according to the specific scope
 Ccppcms::applications_poolApplication pool is the central class that holds user created applications
 Ccppcms::archiveClass that represents a binary archive that can be stored in persistent storage or transfered
 Ccppcms::archive_traits< Object >Special traits class that describes how to serialize various objects that are not defived from serializable_base
 Cbooster::atomic_counterAtomic counter is a class that allows perform counting in thread safe way
 Cbooster::backtraceClass that records the stack trace when it is created,
 Ccppcms::filters::base64_urlencodeOutput filter base64_urlencode
 Ccppcms::base_contentThis is a simple polymorphic class that every content for templates rendering should be derided from it. It does not carry much information with exception of RTTI that allows type-safe casting of user provided content instances to target content class that is used by specific template
 Cbooster::locale::util::base_converterThis class represent a simple stateless converter from UCS-4 and to UCS-4 for each single code point
 Cbooster::nowide::basic_filebuf< CharType, Traits >
 Cbooster::locale::basic_format< CharType >Printf like class that allows type-safe and locale aware message formatting
 Cbooster::locale::basic_message< CharType >This class represents a message that can be converted to a specific locale message
 Cbooster::locale::basic_message< char_type >
 Cbooster::aio::buffer_impl< Pointer >This is a base class that represents a buffer - a set of contiguous chunks of memory that can be transfered over network
 Cbooster::aio::buffer_impl< char * >
 Cbooster::aio::buffer_impl< const char * >
 Cbooster::locale::calendarThis class provides an access to general calendar information
 Cbooster::callable< Type >
 Cbooster::callback< Type >
 Cbooster::callback< Result(Params...)>This is Booster's implementation of std::tr1::callback/booster::callback
 Cbooster::clone_ptr< T >Smart pointer similar to std::auto_ptr but it clones (by calling T::clone()) underlying object on copy instead of moving its ownership
 Cbooster::locale::collator_baseBase class that includes collation level flags
 Cbooster::locale::comparator< CharType, default_level >This class can be used in STL algorithms and containers for comparison of strings with a level other than primary
 Cbooster::condition_variableThis is conditional variable object
 Ccppcms::http::content_typeClass that represents parsed Content-Type header, this is immutable class. Once it is created its values does not change
 Cbooster::locale::converter< CharType >
 Cbooster::locale::converter_baseThis class provides base flags for text manipulation. It is used as base for converter facet
 Ccppcms::http::cookieClass that represents single HTTP Cookie Generally used in context of http::request and http::response
 Cbooster::copy_ptr< T >Smart pointer similar to std::auto_ptr but it copies underlying object on pointer copy instead of moving its ownership
 Cbooster::copy_ptr< _data >
 Cbooster::copy_ptr< data >
 Ccppcms::filters::dateFormats date to the stream, date is represented as number - POSIX time, a plain number
 Cbooster::locale::date_timeThis class represents a date time and allows to perform various operation according to the locale settings
 Cbooster::locale::date_time_durationThis class represents a period: a pair of two date_time objects
 Cbooster::locale::date_time_periodThis class represents a pair of period_type and the integer values that describes its amount. For example 3 days or 4 years
 Cbooster::locale::date_time_period_setThis class that represents a set of periods,
 Ccppcms::filters::datetimeFormat date and time to ouput stream
 Cbooster::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::domainThis type represents GNU Gettext domain name for the messages
 Cbooster::enable_shared_from_this< T >This class is borrowed from boost
 Cbooster::enable_shared_from_this2< T >
 Cbooster::enable_shared_from_this< application_specific_pool >
 Cbooster::enable_shared_from_this< context >
 Ccppcms::sessions::encryptor_factoryThis is an interface for an object that creates new encryptors
 Cbooster::aio::endpointThis class represents the connection endpoint, that is generally sockaddr structure in Berkeley sockets API
 Cbooster::aio::buffer_impl< Pointer >::entry
 Cbooster::system::error_categoryThis class represents a category of errors
 Cbooster::system::error_codeThe lightweight object that carries a error code information and its category
 Ccppcms::filters::escapeOutput filter escape
 Cbooster::aio::reactor::eventStructure that defines output events
 Ccppcms::form_flagsThis struct holds various flags to control the HTML generation
 Ccppcms::forwarderClass responsble for automaticall forwarding of HTTP/CGI requests to other hosts over SCGI
 Cbooster::function< Type >
 Cbooster::function< Result(Params...)>This is Booster's implementation of std::tr1::function/booster::function
 Cbooster::function< void(json::array const &)>
 Cbooster::locale::generatorMajor class used for locale generation
 Cbooster::locale::generic_codecvt< CharType, CodecvtImpl, CharSize >Geneneric generic codecvt facet, various stateless encodings to UTF-16 and UTF-32 using wchar_t, char32_t and char16_t
 Cbooster::locale::generic_codecvt< CharType, utf8_codecvt< CharType > >
 Cbooster::locale::generic_codecvt_baseA base class that used to define constants for generic_codecvt
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< T >Smart pointer similar to std::auto_ptr but it is non-copyable and underlying object has same constness as the pointer itself (not like in ordinary pointer)
 Cbooster::locale::hold_ptr< T >Smart pointer similar to std::auto_ptr but it is non-copyable and the underlying object has the same constness as the pointer itself (unlike an ordinary pointer)
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< _data >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< _mp_data >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< _raw_data >
 Cbooster::locale::hold_ptr< booster::locale::abstract_calendar >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< cppcms::base_view >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< data >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< data_ >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< impl::cppcms::service >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< impl::cppcms::thread_pool >
 Cbooster::hold_ptr< impl_data >
 Cbooster::intrusive_ptr< T >Intrusive_ptr is the class taken as-is from boost
 Cbooster::intrusive_ptr< details::key >
 Cbooster::intrusive_ptr< impl::base_cache >
 Cbooster::io_deviceThis class is a base class of generic I/O device that can be used in very simple manner with booster::streambuf allowing to create iostreams easily
 Cbooster::aio::io_eventsStruct that collects multiple event types for polling
 Cbooster::locale::ios_infoThis class holds an external data - beyond existing fmtflags that std::ios_base holds
 Ccppcms::filters::jsescapeOutput filter escape
 Ccppcms::crypto::keyKey object, holds the string that represents the binary key
 Cbooster::locale::localization_backendThis class represents a localization backend that can be used for localizing your application
 Cbooster::locale::localization_backend_managerLocalization backend manager is a class that holds various backend and allows creation of their combination or selection
 Cbooster::match_results< Iterator >The object that hold the result of matching a regular expression against the text using regex_match and regex_search functions
 Cbooster::log::messageThis class represents a single message that should be written to log
 Cbooster::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_infoThis structure holds all information required for creating gnu-gettext message catalogs,
 Ccppcms::mount_pointThis class represents application's mount point or the rule on which specific application is selected to process the query
 Cbooster::noncopyableThis class makes impossible to copy any class derived from this one
 Ccppcms::json::nullSpecial object that is convertible to null json value
 Cbooster::locale::period::period_typeThis class holds a type that represents certain period of time like year, hour, second and so on
 Cbooster::ptimeThis class represents POSIX time
 Ccppcms::filters::rawOutput filter raw
 Cbooster::refcountedThis class is used as base class for reference counted objects that use intrusive_ptr. Deriving from this class allows simple way to manage reference counting for single object
 Cbooster::regexThis is a simple wrapper of PCRE library
 Ccppcms::xss::rulesThe class that holds XSS filter rules
 Ccppcms::serializable_baseBase abstract class for object that can be serialized into std::string
 Ccppcms::serialization_traits< Object >This is the traits class for serialization traits
 Ccppcms::session_api_factoryFactory object that generates custom implemented session_api objects
 Ccppcms::sessions::session_storage_factoryThe factory is an interface to a factory that creates session_storage objects, it should be thread safe
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< T >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< cppcms::rpc::json_call >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< cppcms::session_api >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< cppcms::sessions::session_cookies >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< cppcms::sessions::session_sid >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< cppcms::sessions::session_storage >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< data >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< http::context >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< http::cppcms::widgets::file >
 Cbooster::shared_ptr< impl::cgi::connection >
 Cbooster::detail::shared_ptr_traits< T >
 Cbooster::detail::shared_ptr_traits< void >
 Cbooster::detail::shared_ptr_traits< void const >
 Cbooster::detail::shared_ptr_traits< void const volatile >
 Cbooster::detail::shared_ptr_traits< void volatile >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_convertible< Y, T >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_enable_if_auto_ptr< T, R >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_enable_if_auto_ptr< std::auto_ptr< T >, R >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_enable_if_convertible_impl< bool >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_enable_if_convertible_impl< false >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_enable_if_convertible_impl< sp_convertible< Y, T >::value >
 Cbooster::detail::sp_enable_if_convertible_impl< true >
 Cbooster::locale::utf8_codecvt< CharType >::state_type
 Ccppcms::filters::streamableA special proxy object for writing any object to a std::ostream
 Ccppcms::filters::strftimeCustom time formating filter
 Ccppcms::string_keyThis is a special object that may hold an std::string or alternatively reference to external (unowned) chunk of text
 Cbooster::thread_specific_ptr< T >Thread specific pointer
 Ccppcms::filters::timeFormat local time to ouput stream
 Ccppcms::filters::to_lowerOutput filter to_lower
 Ccppcms::filters::to_titleOutput filter to_title
 Ccppcms::filters::to_upperOutput filter to_upper
 Ccppcms::json::traits< T >The type traits schema for converting json values to/from orinary objects i.e. serialization from JSON to C++ object
 Ccppcms::json::undefinedSpecial object that is convertible to undefined json value
 Ccppcms::filters::urlencodeOutput filter urlencode
 Cbooster::locale::utf::utf_traits< CharType, size >
 Cbooster::locale::utf::utf_traits< CharType, 1 >
 Cbooster::locale::utf::utf_traits< CharType, 2 >
 Cbooster::locale::utf::utf_traits< CharType, 4 >
 Ccppcms::json::valueThis class is central representation of json objects
 Cbooster::weak_ptr< T >
 Cbooster::weak_ptr< application_specific_pool >
 Cbooster::weak_ptr< context >