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booster::shared_mutex Class Reference

Shared mutex or a.k.a. Read-Write Lock. More...

#include <booster/booster/thread.h>

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Public Member Functions

void lock ()
void unique_lock ()
void shared_lock ()
void unlock ()

Detailed Description

Shared mutex or a.k.a. Read-Write Lock.

This class provides two options of locking unique - nobody but me can use the object shared anybody with shared lock can use the object.

Member Function Documentation

void booster::shared_mutex::lock ( )

Same as unique_lock()

void booster::shared_mutex::shared_lock ( )

Acquire a shared lock on the object.

See also

Note this function is not recursive

void booster::shared_mutex::unique_lock ( )

Acquire a unique lock on the object.

See also
void booster::shared_mutex::unlock ( )

Release the lock

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