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booster::log::sinks::file Class Reference

log file based sink - sends messages to log file More...

#include <booster/booster/log.h>

Inheritance diagram for booster::log::sinks::file:
booster::log::sink booster::noncopyable

Public Member Functions

 file ()
 file (std::string const &file_name, int max_files=0)
void open (std::string file_name)
void max_files (unsigned limit)
void append ()
void set_timezone (std::string const &name)
virtual void log (message const &)
 Send message to the log.

Static Public Attributes

static const int app = -1

Detailed Description

log file based sink - sends messages to log file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

booster::log::sinks::file::file ( )

Creates new object but does not open a file

booster::log::sinks::file::file ( std::string const &  file_name,
int  max_files = 0 

Creates new file sink named file_name, if max_files = app, then no new files created but rather the log is appended to the existing file

New in CppCMS 1.2

Member Function Documentation

void booster::log::sinks::file::append ( )

Append to output file rather then create new one.

void booster::log::sinks::file::max_files ( unsigned  limit)

Enable file rotation and set the maximal number of files that should be kept.

Each time the log opened, the old files are renamed, if there are more files then limit, the oldest is removed

void booster::log::sinks::file::open ( std::string  file_name)

Open log file

void booster::log::sinks::file::set_timezone ( std::string const &  name)

Set the time-zone name that should be used in the message.

It should have a format GMT+XX:YY like "GMT+2:00" or "GMT-3". "GMT" can be used as well

If name is empty local time is used which is the default

Member Data Documentation

const int booster::log::sinks::file::app = -1

Flag that can be passed to constructor that specifies that the log should be appended to the existing file

New in CppCMS 1.2

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