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booster::log::message Class Reference

This class represents a single message that should be written to log. More...

#include <booster/booster/log.h>

Public Member Functions

 message (level_type l, char const *m, char const *name, int line)
 message ()
 message (message &)
 Copy message.
messageoperator= (message &)
 Assign the message.
level_type level () const
char const * module () const
char const * file_name () const
int file_line () const
std::string log_message () const
std::ostream & out ()

Detailed Description

This class represents a single message that should be written to log.

Note, it is some generalization of data that allows you to format any generic data, it generally used by logging sinks rather then by end users

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

booster::log::message::message ( level_type  l,
char const *  m,
char const *  name,
int  line 

Create message with severity level l, sent from module m in file name in line line

booster::log::message::message ( )

Default constructable

Member Function Documentation

int booster::log::message::file_line ( ) const

Get the number of line in the file

char const* booster::log::message::file_name ( ) const

Get the file name

level_type booster::log::message::level ( ) const

Get the severity level for the message

std::string booster::log::message::log_message ( ) const

Get the actual message that should be written

char const* booster::log::message::module ( ) const

Get the module name

std::ostream& booster::log::message::out ( )

Get the output stream that consumes the message

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