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cppcms::widgets::base_html_input Class Referenceabstract

This class represents a basic widget that generates HTML form elements the widgets that use the <input \/> HTML tag. More...

#include <cppcms/form.h>

Inheritance diagram for cppcms::widgets::base_html_input:
cppcms::widgets::base_widget cppcms::base_form booster::noncopyable cppcms::form_flags cppcms::widgets::checkbox cppcms::widgets::file cppcms::widgets::numeric< T > cppcms::widgets::submit cppcms::widgets::text cppcms::widgets::hidden cppcms::widgets::password cppcms::widgets::regex_field cppcms::widgets::email

Public Member Functions

 base_html_input (std::string const &type)
virtual ~base_html_input ()
virtual void render_input (form_context &context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cppcms::widgets::base_widget
 base_widget ()
bool set ()
bool valid ()
std::string id ()
std::string name ()
locale::message message ()
bool has_message ()
locale::message error_message ()
bool has_error_message ()
locale::message help ()
bool has_help ()
bool disabled ()
void disabled (bool)
bool readonly ()
void readonly (bool)
std::string attributes_string ()
void set (bool)
void valid (bool)
void id (std::string)
void name (std::string)
void message (std::string)
void message (locale::message const &)
void error_message (std::string)
void error_message (locale::message const &)
void help (std::string)
void help (locale::message const &msg)
void attributes_string (std::string v)
virtual void render (form_context &context)
virtual void clear ()
virtual bool validate ()
virtual void render_attributes (form_context &context)
virtual void parent (base_form *subform)
virtual formparent ()
void pre_load (http::context &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cppcms::base_form
virtual void load (http::context &context)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void render_value (form_context &context)=0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cppcms::widgets::base_widget
void auto_generate (form_context *context=0)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cppcms::form_flags
enum  html_type { as_html = 0, as_xhtml = 1 }
enum  html_list_type {
  as_p = 0, as_table = 1, as_ul = 2, as_dl = 3,
  as_space = 4
enum  widget_part_type { first_part = 0, second_part = 1 }

Detailed Description

This class represents a basic widget that generates HTML form elements the widgets that use the <input \/> HTML tag.

It allows you to create your own widgets more easily. It does most of job required to generate the HTML. The user is only required to generate the actual value like value="10.34" as with a numeric widget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cppcms::widgets::base_html_input::base_html_input ( std::string const &  type)

Create a new instance. type is the HTML type tag of the input element, for example "text" or "password".

virtual cppcms::widgets::base_html_input::~base_html_input ( )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cppcms::widgets::base_html_input::render_input ( form_context context)

This function generates the actual HTML. It calls render_value where needed.

Implements cppcms::widgets::base_widget.

virtual void cppcms::widgets::base_html_input::render_value ( form_context context)
protectedpure virtual

Write the actual value of the HTML tag. Derived classes must implement this.

Implemented in cppcms::widgets::submit, cppcms::widgets::file, cppcms::widgets::checkbox, cppcms::widgets::numeric< T >, and cppcms::widgets::text.

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