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cppcms::sessions::session_dual Class Reference

Client and Server side storage implementation of session_api. More...

#include <cppcms/session_dual.h>

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cppcms::session_api booster::noncopyable

Public Member Functions

 session_dual (std::auto_ptr< encryptor > enc, booster::shared_ptr< session_storage > storage, size_t data_size_limit)
virtual ~session_dual ()
virtual void save (session_interface &, std::string const &data, time_t timeout, bool new_session, bool on_server)
virtual bool load (session_interface &, std::string &data, time_t &timeout)
virtual void clear (session_interface &)
virtual bool is_blocking ()
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virtual ~session_api ()

Detailed Description

Client and Server side storage implementation of session_api.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cppcms::sessions::session_dual::session_dual ( std::auto_ptr< encryptor enc,
booster::shared_ptr< session_storage storage,
size_t  data_size_limit 

Create a new object using encryptor enc and session_storage storage. data_size_limit represents the maximal data size that can be stored on client side, if the data size is bigger then that the session data will be stored on server

virtual cppcms::sessions::session_dual::~session_dual ( )

Destroy the object: release pointer to storage and delete an encryptor it was created with.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cppcms::sessions::session_dual::clear ( session_interface )
virtual bool cppcms::sessions::session_dual::is_blocking ( )
virtual bool cppcms::sessions::session_dual::load ( session_interface ,
std::string &  data,
time_t &  timeout 
virtual void cppcms::sessions::session_dual::save ( session_interface ,
std::string const &  data,
time_t  timeout,
bool  new_session,
bool  on_server 

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