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booster::detail::shared_count Class Reference

Public Member Functions

template<class Y >
 shared_count (Y *p)
template<class P , class D >
 shared_count (P p, D d)
template<class P , class D , class A >
 shared_count (P p, D d, A a)
template<class Y >
 shared_count (std::auto_ptr< Y > &r)
 shared_count (shared_count const &r)
 shared_count (weak_count const &r)
 shared_count (weak_count const &r, sp_nothrow_tag)
shared_countoperator= (shared_count const &r)
void swap (shared_count &r)
long use_count () const
bool unique () const
bool empty () const
void * get_deleter (sp_typeinfo const &ti) const


class weak_count
bool operator== (shared_count const &a, shared_count const &b)
bool operator< (shared_count const &a, shared_count const &b)

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