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booster::nowide::basic_fstream< CharType, Traits > Class Template Reference

#include <booster/booster/nowide/fstream.h>

Inheritance diagram for booster::nowide::basic_fstream< CharType, Traits >:

Public Types

typedef basic_filebuf< CharType, Traits > internal_buffer_type
typedef std::basic_iostream< CharType, Traits > internal_stream_type

Public Member Functions

 basic_fstream (char const *file_name, std::ios_base::openmode mode=std::ios_base::out|std::ios_base::in)
void open (char const *file_name, std::ios_base::openmode mode=std::ios_base::out|std::ios_base::out)
bool is_open ()
bool is_open () const
void close ()
internal_buffer_typerdbuf () const

Detailed Description

template<typename CharType, typename Traits = std::char_traits<CharType>>
class booster::nowide::basic_fstream< CharType, Traits >

Same as std::basic_fstream<char> but accepts UTF-8 strings under Windows

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