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log.h File Reference
#include <booster/config.h>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <booster/auto_ptr_inc.h>
#include <string>
#include <booster/copy_ptr.h>
#include <booster/hold_ptr.h>
#include <booster/noncopyable.h>

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class  booster::shared_ptr< T >
class  booster::weak_ptr< T >
class  booster::log::message
 This class represents a single message that should be written to log. More...
class  booster::log::sink
 This is the abstract interface to general sink - the consumer of the logged messages. More...
class  booster::log::logger
 This is the central class that manages all logging operations. More...
class  booster::log::sinks::standard_error
 stderr based sink - sends messages to standard error output More...
class  booster::log::sinks::stream
 log sink for a generic std::ostream More...
class  booster::log::sinks::file
 log file based sink - sends messages to log file More...


 Booster library namespace. The library that implements Boost Like API in ABI backward compatible way.
 This namespace includes Booster.Log related classes.
 This namespace includes various output devices (sinks) for logger.


#define BOOSTER_LOG(level, module)
 Log a message with severity level of the module to the log device if applicable. More...
#define BOOSTER_EMERG(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(emergency,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(emergency,m)
#define BOOSTER_ALERT(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(alert,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(alert,m)
#define BOOSTER_CRITICAL(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(critical,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(critical,m)
#define BOOSTER_ERROR(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(error,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(error,m)
#define BOOSTER_WARNING(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(warning,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(warning,m)
#define BOOSTER_NOTICE(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(notice,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(notice,m)
#define BOOSTER_INFO(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(info,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(info,m)
#define BOOSTER_DEBUG(m)   BOOSTER_LOG(debug,m)
 Same as BOOSTER_LOG(debug,m)


enum  booster::log::level_type {
  emergency = 0, alert = 10, critical = 20, error = 30,
  warning = 40, notice = 50, info = 60, debug = 70,
  all = 100


BOOSTER_API std::string booster::log::sinks::format_plain_text_message (message const &msg)
BOOSTER_API std::string booster::log::sinks::format_plain_text_message_tz (message const &msg, int timezone_offset=0)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BOOSTER_LOG (   level,
::booster::log::logger::instance().should_be_logged(::booster::log::level,module) \
&& ::booster::log::message(::booster::log::level,module,__FILE__,__LINE__).out()
static logger & instance()
basic_message< char > message
Definition: message.h:494
bool should_be_logged(level_type level, char const *module)

Log a message with severity level of the module to the log device if applicable.


  • it first checks of the message should be logged at all, and if not, all the rest is not called
  • the message is logged in the destruction of the output stream object
  • the parameter level should be given as is "warning" or "debug" the namespace flags would be added withing macro
  • It may be more convenient to use BOOSTER_WARNING or BOOSTER_DEBUG macros


1 BOOSTER_LOG(warning,"file_system") << "Failed to open file name " << name;
2 BOOSTER_CRITICAL("core") << "Failed to allocate memory";